How Two Non-Technical Cofounders Grew & Sold Their Startup for Millions

In October 2013, my cofounder and I were in negotiations to sell Caskers, an ecommerce site we founded just 1.5 years earlier that sold spirits (think booze, not ghosts) online. The negotiations had already dragged on for a few months, and we were just days away from our scheduled closing date.

If you’ve ever been in the same situation before, you know that your mind starts wandering and thinking about all the possibilities that could still derail the sale of your company. It also starts thinking about ways you could spend millions of dollars, but you try not to put the cart before the horse.

The week before my company was sold, there was little I could do except sit around and wait. My team (there were three of us at the time — my cofounder, our first employee and me) would come into the office around 9AM and finish up whatever pressing tasks we had for the day by noon. Then, we’d head down to Hair of the Dog and try to kill time by drinking until happy hour ended at 8PM.


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