50+ Websites To Post Your Product Or Your Startup

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….and easily get early adopters and press coverage.


Directories are the best places to post your product/startup/app and get feedback, early adopters and press coverage. There are new directories almost everyday, but most of them are quickly abandoned. The next links are all active directories (checked one by one).

Beta test tools

If you need early adopters to test your beta product, use one of the following services. They are all paid services but you get very detailed feedback from the users. It’s worth it.

Reddit channels

Be careful with reddit. It’s an amazing tool but it has its own rules and netiquette. Be sure to understand it before posting your product. The next link are pretty generic channels, I suggest you to also find specific channels for your niche, your platform or your market.

Submission services

If you don’t have time to manually submit your startup/product to all these websites, or if you want to reach several tech blogs in one shot, you can use one of these services and they will do the submission for you. Some of them can be also used to find bloggers/journalists contacts.

Lists of blogs

As you can see, in this list there aren’t blogs like TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, Gizmodo, etc. There are thousand of blogs out there about tech, mobile apps, startups, games, etc., and it would be impossible to list all of them. Take a look to the next links if you need more PR resources.


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