How side projects saved our startup

We had no money.

We changed our business model and had 3 months worth of cash left to turn things around. If we didn’t we were toast. Done.

We needed to find customers. But no one knew who we were.

A marketing budget? Please. We were just trying to keep the lights on.

This was our situation a year and half ago at Crew. We knew we had to grow but we didn’t know how we were going to do it in a substantial way.

Things like blogging work but can take months before they have a big impact.

Building a great product to generate word-of-mouth is a must but that takes time too.

Even though we were working on these things, we needed to find a way to accelerate “normal” growth if we were going to survive.

Around this time, we were creating the homepage of our website. While searching for a photo to use, we noticed every photography option was either too crappy, too expensive, or both.

Instead, we hired a photographer and took a bunch of photos at a coffee shop. We only used one photo so we had extras. We thought, there’s probably a bunch of people having the same issue as us so let’s post these photos online and give them away for free.

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